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New COVID Relief Grants for Health Care Providers 

To provide relief for businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Alabama is offering up to $35 million in grants to eligible health care providers.  The new grant will be up to $15,000 each for a number of health-related businesses to be used for certain business expenses.  This grant will only be available to organizations that have not previously received grant money from Alabama either through the Alabama Revive Grant or the Non-Profit/Faith-Based Grant program linked to the State’s CARES act.

Who is eligible to apply? 

  • Primary Care Clinics  
  • Ambulance/EMS Service Providers  
  • Pharmacies  
  • Physician Offices  
  • Dentist Offices  
  • Other Health Practitioner Offices (Will need to specify)  
  • Outpatient Care Centers  
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories  
  • Home Health Care Businesses  
  • Assisted Living Facilities  
  • Physical Therapy Offices  
  • Rescue Squad Organizations 
  • Volunteer Fire Departments  
  • 911 Boards 

What can’t the grant be used for? 

  • Expenses that have been or will be reimbursed under any federal program, including PPP, EIDL and PUA. 
  • Reimbursement for damages covered by insurance 
  • Reimbursement to donors for donated items or services 
  • Workforce bonuses other than hazard pay or overtime. 
  • Severance pay 
  • Legal settlements 

The grant application will be open from noon on October 5 and will run through October 16.  Applications can be filed on the Alabama Submittable website ( Please feel free to reach out to us for additional information or visit Alabama’s page at