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Happy Birthday, Josh Brolin!

Academy-award nominated actor Josh Brolin has had a prolific career, with roles in such films as GooniesNo Country for Old Men, and the upcoming Dune. But he bears a rare distinction - he has played a character in both the Disney Marvel films as Thanos in Avengers, and in the Fox Marvel films as Cable in Deadpool 2. I don't know how he'll be celebrating his 53rd birthday on Friday, February 12, but I know what I'll be doing: E-filing the first 2020 individual tax returns of the season.

The IRS announced filing 1040s will commence on February 12, 2021. This late start - a few weeks later than the usual mid- to late-January date - is due in part to the many tax law changes we've seen in the past few months, in addition to the delays resulting form pandemic office closures interrupting work.

Josh Brolin is both Thanos and Cable. Wow. This guy totally owns half of 2018!

— Silverado (@bassbrooo) May 21, 2018

This is unwelcome news to certain taxpayers - those that like to get their refund quickly, and those that like to stave off fraudulent filings.

For those wishing to keep scam artists from filing a fake return in their name and social, the IRS does have a new tool - the Identity Protection PIN. Taxpayers can now volunteer to opt-in to this IP PIN, which is generally recommended - as long as you can keep your PIN to put with your tax return come filing time!